Designing and building world-class products around the globe.

Software Engineer with 6 years of experience and track record in web & mobile applications development, integration and deployment. Extensive experience in mobile development and implementation of complex projects. Good creative sense in designing modern and functional user interfaces for websites and mobile apps. Fully committed to delivering world-class quality products and experiences.


  • Radix Colors

    A dart library for Radix Colors. A gorgeous, accessible color system An open-source color system for designing beautiful, accessible websites and apps.

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  • Juxtapose

    A flutter widget for comparing two stacked widgets by dragging a slider thumb to reveal either sides of the slider horizontally or vertically.

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  • Arkinsta Aura

    An app for making designs you love. This is a simple app to generate designs with tailored templates just for you. Feel free to make designs for all your friends and loved ones!

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