Personal projects and contributions around the world.

I've worked on many projects over the years. Some are personal and others are team projects. Here are a few of them that can be publicly listed here.

  • Nuserna

    Manage your personal or business finances with Nuserna by syncing your transactions with your dashboard and using other powerful features to get the work done

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  • Radix Colors

    A dart library for Radix Colors. A gorgeous, accessible color system An open-source color system for designing beautiful, accessible websites and apps.

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  • Juxtapose

    A flutter widget for comparing two stacked widgets by dragging a slider thumb to reveal either sides of the slider horizontally or vertically.

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  • Arkinsta Aura

    An app for making designs you love. This is a simple app to generate designs with tailored templates just for you. Feel free to make designs for all your friends and loved ones!

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  • Flutter macOS UI

    Flutter widgets and themes implementing the current macOS design language.

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  • Flutter Devtools

    Contributed to the Performance tools for Flutter

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  • Orbit

    I built a Dart Backend Framework that works with Postgres.


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