My First Worldwide Appearance

In 2018, I started a journey that was going to change life forever. Being a web developer at the time, I really longed to build my own mobile apps. So I started researching to find out what's best for me. I ended up betting everything on Flutter, Google's framework for building mobile apps.

A quick backstory

At my church (CE Airport City) End of Year Camp in December 2020, Pastor Enoch prophesied into the coming year. One of the words of prophecy that came was that, God is giving some people International Recognition. We entered 2021 and 12 Days into the year, I got a message from Google around 8PM.

We went through the arrangements to shoot the video that Google requested, and sent to them.

Live Day

Only few people knew about this. I reeeeally wanted to surprise my friends on the event day. I just made sure they joined the livestream like it was a normal tech event I wanted them to learn from. When my face first appeared, you can imagine the reactions from friends 😂

One of my guys was too excited that he went out on a walk, processing what had happened. In simple terms, "It overed him!" 😂

It's kinda crazy the progress that's happened from the time I started till the day I received the message from Google to be featured.

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